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Quality management in Exports in one of the most critical aspects of International business. As we know, exports is not just about products meeting specifications alone. There are a number of aspects to be considered for exports.

We have been exporting to a number of countries and we know that every country has a different set of rules for imports. We have the expertise to handle the procedures in such a manner that buying our products is hassle free for you.


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Tile Size Area coverage/box (sqm) Packing/box Boxes/Pallet Pallet/Container Boxes/Container sqm/Container Weight/Box
300 x 450 mm 0.81 6 pcs 108 22 2376 1924.56 12
250 x 375 mm 0.75 8 pcs 135 22 2970 2227.5 9.3
300 x 300 mm 0.81 9 pcs 108 22 2376 1924.56 11.8


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